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Add New Employee to Payroll

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Pay Invoice via CPA Charge or Stripe

CPA Charge accepts all major credit cards and eChecks.
Stripe accepts the same, plus CashApp, Google, and Apple.

Info on Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Reporting Requirements

Applies to Most Businesses :: Late Reporting Incurs a $500 Penalty Per Day and Up to 2 Years in Jail

How to Connect or Reconnect Bank and Credit Card Accounts

Very Important: When following any QBO (QuickBooks Online) bank connection procedures, please be very careful not to create a NEW bank or credit card account in QBO. During the process you will have a chance to select an EXISTING account. And if your bank has changed its name, you will still use the same QBO account–no need to create a new one. Just rename it in the Chart of Accounts if you wish.

If you’ve successfully connected your bank or credit card account to QBO, and then the connection stops working, it may be due to the Open Banking standard, which requires you to reconfirm your consent every 90 days. Or it could be another reason. Either way, the Intuit website link to the left explains how to reconnect it. If this does not solve the problem, then use the second Intuit website link to disconnect and then reconnect your bank or credit card account.

If you’re connecting your bank or credit card account to QBO for the first time, the third Intuit website link in the left column explains how to do that.