Thanks for ordering a tax preparation package! Your receipt will arrive by email. Here are your next steps (which you'll also receive by email).

  1. Go to our secure client portal to complete our online tax organizer.
  2. Review these lists to see if you have potential tax savings that you've forgotten.
  3. Begin gathering the necessary documents. The IRS requires us to obtain these from you and keep them on file. These include:
    • Copy of your last tax return
    • Copy of driver's license and social security cards for you and (if applicable) your spouse
    • Any and all tax-related forms you've received via U.S. mail or electronic delivery (i.e. W-2s or 1099s)
    • Copies of any IRS letters you've received since January 1st of last year.
    • Documentation for any deductions or credits you wish to take.
    • LLC, Partnership, S-Corp, C-Corp, Estate, Trust, and Nonprofit clients must also provide a copy of the Articles of Organization, state registration, local business license, Profit and Loss Statement, owner(s) drivers license copy, and owner(s) social security card copies. Nonprofits must also provide a copy of the IRS letter granting them nonprofit status.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us using the email in your order confirmation. Or, use the button below to book a Zoom call.

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