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Rocket City Tax Accounting offers comprehensive federal and state tax preparation services for individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, corporations (C, S, and B), and nonprofits. Learn more about our qualifications here.

IRS Credits and Deductions for Individuals :: IRS Credits and Deductions for Businesses

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Tax return clients who complete our SECURE, ONLINE tax organizer (TaxDome) receive a 20% discount. All tax clients must schedule an appointment for document scanning and, where necessary, assistance with the online organizer. Our phone number and online calendar link are above.

We don’t eFile your return without your review and consent. The IRS requires us to have a signed IRS Form 8879 (eFile Authorization) on file before we can eFile your returns. Your state(s) of residence will have a second, similar form which you must sign before we can eFile your state return(s). Until you’ve signed those forms, we haven’t eFiled your return.

1 Million Tax Audit Defense
All tax returns we prepare come with Protection Plus, at no additional cost to you. This service assists you with resolving IRS denied credits, letters, notices, and audits. The experienced professionals at Protection Plus specialize in audit defense and identity theft restoration. Audit defense is backed by a $1 million dollar Tax Audit Defense, which guarantees Protection Plus will provide up to $1 million of services on every audit to get the best possible resolution for you. Protection Plus also provides identity theft restoration services and business insurance.

The documents the IRS requires us to obtain from you (and keep on file) include the following. They will be scanned and the originals returned to you.

  • Copy of your last tax return
  • Any tax-related forms you’ve received via U.S. mail or electronic delivery (i.e. W-2s or 1099s)
  • Documentation for any deductions or credits you wish to take.
  • LLC, S-Corp, and C-Corp clients must also provide a copy of the Articles of Organization, state registration, local business license, Profit and Loss Statement, owner(s) drivers license info, and owner(s) social security numbers.

Turnaround: We like to be thorough, so we don’t offer same-day or while-you-wait service. Turnaround time for tax returns is usually 5-10 business days.

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Tax Return Pricing

Includes eFile and all supporting forms and schedules unless otherwise noted.
TaxDome Users Receive a 20% discount.

Individual Form 1040 + 1 state
With TaxDome Discount (Tax Organizer Self Completion)
Individual Form 1040 + 1 state + 1 Schedule C
With TaxDome Discount
Each extra individual state return or Schedule C
With TaxDome Discount
Form 1041 (Estates, Trusts, Etc.) + 1 State Return
With TaxDome Discount
Forms 1120 or 1065 + 1 State Return
With TaxDome Discount
All Others
With TaxDome Discount
$80.00 Per Hour
$65 Per Hour

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