Individual & Business Tax Prep

Rocket City Tax Accounting offers comprehensive federal and state tax preparation services for individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, corporations (C, S, and B), and nonprofits. Learn more about our qualifications here.

Call us at 256-580-6485 or use our online appointment scheduler. You may also find downloading and completing our Tax Organizer and reviewing the IRS List of Potential Credits and Deductions to be helpful in identifying potential deductions.

Also bring a copy of your last tax return, any tax-related forms you’ve received (i.e. W-2s), plus documentation for any deductions you wish to take. (Taking Standard Deduction vs. Itemizing). We like to be thorough, so we don’t offer same-day service. Turnaround time for tax returns is 5 business days.

Individual Tax Returns $175.00 :: E-File and State(s) Included

Senior Tax Returns $142.00 :: E-File  and State(s) Included


Tax Forms

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)
Loan Forgiveness
Individual 1040, All Versions, Plus State
Schedule B
Schedule C (Business)
Schedule D (Gains and Losses)
Schedule E (Rental)
Schedule EIC (Earned Income Credit)
Schedule F (Farm)
Schedule H (Household Employment Taxes)
Schedule SE (Self Employment Tax)
Form 706 (Estates)
Form 709 (Gift Tax)
Form 940 (Federal Unemployment)
Form 941 (Employer’s Quarterly Return
Form 943 (Employer’s Quarterly for Farms)
Form 990 (Tax Exempt)
Form 990-T (UBI for Tax Exempt Organizations)
Form 1041 (Fiduciary)
Form 1065 (Partnership)
Form 1095-A (Health Insurance Marketplace Statement)
Form 1099
Form 1120 (Corporation)
Form 1120S (S Corporation)
Form 3115 (Change Accounting Method)
Form 5500 (Pension/Profit-Sharing)
Form 8824 (Like-Kind Exchanges)
Form 8962 (Tax Credit)
Form 8965 (Health Coverage)
Shared Resp Payment Calc
Employer’s Income Tax Remittance and Return
Employer’s State Unemployment Tax Remittance and Return
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