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Please read any of the following which applies to you.

  • Please note that I'm in the Central time zone...
    • One hour behind Eastern
    • One hour ahead of Mountain
    • Two hours ahead of Pacific
  • You’ll receive an email from my online calendar with meeting details.
  • You’ll also receive a reminder text and/or email shortly before the meeting.
  • If you need to cancelif possible please do so no later than 2 hours beforehand.

We're meeting on Zoom, which is currently used in 55% to 60% of all video conferencing meetings. Zoom is very easy to use, and walks you through the process of connecting to the meeting. Once you're connected, I can answer any questions you may have about Zoom.

You do NOT have to install Zoom to attend the meeting. Just click the Zoom link you'll receive. The meeting will open in your web browser (for example, Chrome or Edge).

You do NOT have to turn on your camera during the meeting unless you want to. If we will be doing a screen share, please attend using a computer (not a phone or tablet).

This is not a phone meeting, and no one will call you by phone.

Then we'll be meeting at 4100 Market Street, Suite 100, Huntsville AL 35808--not by phone or Zoom.

All tax return prep fees include up to $1 million in Tax Audit Defense, provided by Protection Plus.

Everyone wants to pay less in taxes, including me! But there are two ways to do it: Legally, or by cheating. With the legal approach, you stick to the IRC (Internal Revenue Code), ignore tax advice from non-accountants, and are cautious about TikTok tax videos. Most info outside the IRC isn't accurate. As our 40th President said, "Trust but verify."

With the cheating approach, you do things that go against the IRC, hoping the IRS won't catch on. But if they do, both you and I could face financial penalties, or even jail time. Therefore, I don't use Cheat Mode in my practice.

I use a web-based tax organizer to help us both complete our due diligence and minimize your tax bill within the IRC limits. There's minimal typing required; most of it can be done with mouse clicks (on a computer) or finger taps (on a phone or tablet). You can start working on the tax organizer now if you wish. Go to to learn more about TaxDome.

If you'd like to start working on the tax organizer now, signup for a TaxDome account here.

I thought you might find the following helpful as you gather information for your tax return. The list is a little overwhelming, so bear with me.

Whew! Please note additional info may be required depending on your tax situation.

Before our meeting, let's be sure you and I are on the same page.

  • I only work with QuickBooks Desktop if it's hosted online through a service like Qbox, Ace Cloud Hosting, or Right Networks.
  • I never manipulate financial records ("cook" the books), under any circumstances.
  • I adhere to Intuit-recommended procedures for QuickBooks, and request that you do the same, to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Only Accountant users of QBO can undo and redo bank account reconciliations. For that reason, I prefer to use one of your two Accountant user slots included in your subscription.
  • To complete your monthly account reconciliations in QBO, I'll need copies of your bank and credit statements for each relevant month. Feel free to redact account numbers and check images.
  • As my mother always says, "I never saw anything I wanted badly enough to steal."

Here is my process for working with you.

  1. I use a secure, online client portal to exchange documents with clients. I also use this portal to send you reminders as needed (for example, a monthly reminder to upload your bank statements). You aren't charged for using this portal--it's included in my fees.
  2. For catchup projects, I also use DocuClipper to extract transactions from PDF account statements (unless you’ve downloaded the transactions to an Excel file). DocuClipper is included in my fees–there’s no extra charge to you.
  3. When I need to enter, edit, or delete a large number of transactions, I use G-Accon and/or RightTool. (Also at no extra cost to you.)
  4. Thanks to the tools in #2 and #3 above, plus my 10+ years of experience in working with QuickBooks, I can complete catchup/cleanup projects faster and more accurately than many of my competitors.