Payroll Cheat Sheet for Alabama Employers (PDF)
A must-have for any business owner hiring employees for the first time. Also useful as a United States payroll taxes overview, as they are generally the same in most states.

Fourth and Goal: Bookkeeping Shortcuts for Just-in-Time Tax Prep (PDF)
Strategies for small business owners who struggle to find time to do their business accounting/bookkeeping. If this is you, are you just a few months behind, or are you in the fourth quarter of your fiscal year? Regardless, it’s time to make either a field goal or (preferably) a touchdown play, because missing tax deadlines will cost you extra money and effort.

Anatomy of a No Records Audit (PDF)
From the NATP TaxPro Journal, Vol. 26, No. 4. The thought of an income tax audit is usually terrifying to most people…Now consider an audit with no records or substantiation. Factor in the IRS belief that you are presumed to have cheated on your return. How does the IRS calculate your tax bill in this situation? This article reviews the law, methods for reconstructing income, and defense procedures for taxpayers.


Bookkeeping Myths: Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make (PDF)
A guide for novice business owners that covers protecting your business from fraud, protecting your business computer(s) from hackers, maintaining constant disaster recovery and audit readiness, and running your business so it prospers and grows. Includes recommendations for maximizing the value and effectiveness of your accounting.

Bookkeeping Mistakes: Avoiding and Surviving Audits (PDF)
Covers essential strategies for keeping your business out of trouble with the IRS. Topics covered include the intersection of business and personal finances, ensuring mileage deductions aren’t rejected, when too many deductions will cause the IRS to take notice, how electronically filed returns can reduce your audit risk, and the difference between employees and contractors.

Basic MS Excel Check Register (Excel)
Easily enter and track transactions for one or more bank accounts. Automatically calculates your balance, and makes account reconciliation fast and easy. Setup a list of your recurring payments for copy/paste into the appropriate bank account register. Setup a simple budget. Use pivot tables to summarize your income and expenses by category (requires pivot table knowledge). Includes detailed instructions. Some knowledge of Excel required. Can also be imported to Google Sheets – just open a new, blank Google sheet, then go to File > Import.

Rocket City Tax Accounting Tax Organizer Form (PDF)
Use this form to identify the information you need to pull together before you meet with your tax preparer (or sit down to do it yourself). Helps identify potential deductions for lowering your tax bill, while also ensuring you don’t underreport your income and get in trouble with the IRS!


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