Convert PDF to CSV

Are you faced with a QuickBooks Online cleanup/catchup project spanning months or even years? And all you have is the bank and credit account statements in PDF files? Then you need a way to convert PDF to CSV, so you can batch import all those transactions into QuickBooks Online. We have the perfect solution for you!

DocuClipper takes any checking, savings, credit card, or similar account statement, and seamlessly convert only the transactions on them to a CSV or Excel file. For anything that DocuClipper can’t handle, for more advanced PDF to CSV conversions explore DocParser. We have used both apps many times, and they both work very well.

  1. You can then import the resulting CSV file directly into QuickBooks.
  2. Or, if you want to add additional info first (such as categories), use the resulting Excel file in conjunction with Transaction Pro, SaasAnt, or G-Accon to import the transactions. You can add info such as categories/accounts, classes, locations, and projects before importing to QuickBooks, saving you from having to process the transactions one-at-a-time after import to QuickBooks.
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