Three cork stoppers with the letters I, R, and S printed on their tops. Laying side-by-side on a wooden desk, with a magnifying glass in front of them.

IRS Audit Survival

Seeing inside the mind of the IRS. While most of us are never audited, when it happens we can often feel overwhelmed. Remember that the IRS auditor performs these audits every day. They know what to look for, and may ask leading questions that are easy to answer incorrectly. Here are some tips for IRS …

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Picture of a door to a jail cell with keys in the lock.

Fake Tax Returns

Once, a client tried to pressure me into claiming her daughter as a dependent on her tax return, even though the daughter didn’t meet IRS criteria. I had to bite my tongue to avoid saying, “Because I like life on this side of the bars too much!” Fudging numbers on tax returns is a serious …

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