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Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • Someone talked you into switching from one version of QuickBooks to another, but you regret it and want to switch back.
  • You don’t know which version of QuickBooks is right for you.
  • You just signed up for a QuickBooks Online (QBO) subscription. What’s the fastest, most accurate way to get data from both last year and this year into QBO?
  • You haven’t paid much attention to your bookkeeping in months or perhaps years, and tax deadlines are on your mind.
  • You’re using QuickBooks for Mac, but your accountant needs the file in QuickBooks for Windows.
  • You’ve been keeping your bookkeeping records in Excel or Google Sheets. You’d like to move that data to QuickBooks, but how?
  • You know there’s a way to import Excel sheets into QuickBooks, but all you have is the PDF copies of your bank statements.
  • What is Undeposited Funds? How do I use it?
  • Do I really need all these accounts/categories on my Chart of Accounts?
  • Can I customize my chart of accounts and use account/category names that make sense to me?
  • Why is there both an asset account and a liability account for the same business loan? Is that an error?
  • On my Chart of Accounts, my Accounts Receivable/credit card/payroll liability/etc. accounts have a negative balance. (Hint: Usually, nothing on your Chart of Accounts should have a negative balance.)
  • What is Cost of Goods Sold?
  • I’m running payroll, but am I doing it right?
  • What’s the difference between a subcontractor (or 1099 contractor) and employee?
  • I collected taxes from my employees’ paychecks, now what?
  • You mean I have to remit federal, state, local, and unemployment taxes too?
  • I missed a payroll tax payment and/or payroll tax return filing deadline and I got hit with a penalty. Again.
  • What accounting processes are important to keeping the IRS off my back?
  • As the owner, can’t I just take money out of the business as a draw? (Hint: Depends on your type of business entity.)
  • How do I record purchases for the business made with my personal checking or credit account(s)?
  • Can I pay owner personal expenses with the business checking or credit account(s)?
  • Are business loan payments an expense or a liability? (Hint: You can only deduct the interest portion as an expense)
  • What’s the best way to record business credit card transactions and payments?
  • Is the QuickBooks connection to my bank account safe? Can my employees or contractors use it to access my bank account and steal from me?
  • What are the advantages of using the Banking Center?
  • My bank doesn’t connect to QuickBooks. Now what?
  • QuickBooks isn’t entering any of my Payees on the transactions I import through the Banking Center.
  • What is Uncategorized Expense, Uncategorized Deposit, and Uncategorized Asset?
  • How can I use Rules to more efficiently categorize bank transactions?
  • I imported my bank transactions from Excel, but all the deposits are showing as expenses, and vice versa. How can I safely correct this?
  • Which financial reports should I look at regularly, and why?
  • The amount of Sales shown on our financial reports is too high/double what it should be. (Or, I recorded that invoice payment but the invoice is still showing as unpaid in QuickBooks.)
  • I ran financial reports and found one little error. I corrected it and re-ran the reports. None of the numbers on the new report match the old report. (Hint: Cash or accrual basis?)
  • How frequently should I be completing account reconciliations? Which accounts have to be reconciled? Do I need to save the reconciliation reports?
  • How do I enter my business assets into QuickBooks so they show on the Balance Sheet?

Would you like help with your QuickBooks problems? We offer bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and tax preparation for individuals and businesses. We also offer DIY bookkeeping assistance and QuickBooks support.

If you want to see what we can do, or just pickup some tips for doing it yourself, then order a detailed video review of your QuickBooks data by Gwen Harrison, an Intuit-Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor (certified in QB Desktop, QB Online Advanced, and QB Point of Sale). This video review will include instructions on how to correct any found problems. The video file will be yours to keep.

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